Event ID - 1015

Event Id1015
Description<resource name>: Failed to perform the upgrade of the corresponding objects in the Active Directory.Please check the Exchange Server Setup Progress.log file to help diagnose the failure.
Event InformationCause 1:
- This behavior can occur if the Active Directory Connections container has been removed from the Exchange Organization in which you have installed an Exchange service pack.
Cause 2:
- The built-in Exchange groups in the Users container in Active Directory Users and Computers have been moved from their default location.
Cause 3:
- If there is a 3a 20 07 80 error code in the Description, this resolves to 8007203a: ERROR_DS_SERVER_DOWN #. The server is not operational. This error is usually generated due to problems with DNS and resolving/contacting an Active Directory domain controller.
Cause 4:
- If the Administrative Group is in mixed mode, an invalid Exchange 5.5 service account/password may cause the issue.
Cause 5:
- The inheritable permissions have been removed within Active Directory.
Cause 6:
- The Cluster service account has not been delegated the Exchange Full Administrator role at the Organization level.

Resolution 1:
- Either reinstall the Active Directory Connector or manually create the ADC container.
Resolution 2:
- If the Exchange Domain Servers, Exchange Enterprise Servers or Exchange Services group have been moved to a different organizational unit (OU), move them back to the Users container.
Resolution 3:
- Resolve DNS and access to a domain controller.
Resolution 4:
- Set a valid Exchange 5.5 service account/password on the General tab of the Properties of the Administrative Group.
Resolution 5:
- Use ADSIEdit to reset the "Allow Inheritable Permissions" on, for example, the Exchange Organization object (CN=OrgName object).
Resolution 6:
- Make sure that the Windows Cluster service account has Exchange Full Administrator at the Organization level and is a member of the local Administrators group on both nodes.
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: Exchange Version: 6.5.6940.0 Event Source: MSExchangeCluster Event ID: 1015

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