Event ID - 1007

Event Id1007
DescriptionCannot register the URL prefix "http://*:80/" for site "1". The necessary network binding may already be in use. The site has been deactivated. The data field contains the error number.
Event InformationThis error or issue is caused when the same hostheader is located in two diffrent (IIS) Web folders. for example the hostheader in one web folder is www.mydomain.com in my mydomain web and www.mydomain.com also exists in my MyCorp web. This causes these errors. To resolve this issue just remove the duplicate hostheader from one of your webs.

To edit your host header::

1. Open IIS
2. Open Websites
3. Highlight your Web
4. Right click and select Properties.
5. On the Website ((TAB)) L Click Advanced
6. Edit or remove Hostheader value.
7. Click ok.

Addtionalinformation about this event:

1. As per user feed back, its saying that, this event may occur if port 80 is used by some other application like another web server.

2. Check your web site identities - you could have a conflicting set of web site identities (each active website must have its own, unique, web site identity. A website identity consists of an IP address, TCP port and optional host-header name)
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