Event ID - 1007

Event Id1007
DescriptionA previous instance of the service has been detected. The service will not start until the previous instance is fully removed. Retry starting the service at a later time. The error code is in the data portion of this event. Error description: %1.
Event Information"According To Microsoft:
A previous database of the service was detected. The service will not start until the previous database is fully removed. Restart the service.

At this time, there is no historical information available to help provide assistance on this event. Please monitor event logs for recurrence of this event, and any other events which recur with it. In addition, please make a note of any other behaviors with the product which coincide with this event. If this is causing a catastrophic or server down situation, please contact Microsoft Product Support immediately.
Reference LinksMicrosoft product: Exchange Version: 6.5.0000.0 Event Source: MSExchangeActiveSyncNotify Event ID: 1007

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