Event ID - 1005

Event Id1005
SourceMSExchangeIS Public
DescriptionUnable to start the Microsoft Exchange Information Store. Error 0x4fc.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This issue can occur if the Priv.edb and the Pub.edb databases have different DNs. This typically occurs if you install Exchange Server with an organization or site name that does not match the information stores that you are restoring, and you only restore either the Priv.edb or the Pub.edb database. When you try to start the restored Priv.edb or Pub.edb database, the restored database DN does not match the DN of the directory.
1. When you attempt to start the information store, the information store starts the private information store first. Therefore, if the source of event ID 1005 error message is MSExchangeIS Private, the DN in the directory is not working on the Priv.edb database. Note that the Information Store service stops processing at this point, so the Pub.edb database DN may not match the directory either (make sure that the DN in the directory is correct). If the source of the event ID 1005 error message is MSExchangeIS Public, the DN of the Priv.edb database is correct and the DN of the Pub.edb database is incorrect.
2. Make sure that you restore both the Priv.edb and the Pub.edb database files from the same backup set (or that the Priv.edb and the Pub.edb database files at least have DNs that match) and that you reinstall Exchange Server with the DN that matches the .edb files.
Reference LinksXADM: Event ID 1088 and Error 1276 Occur Even After Reinstalling with the Distinguished Name Listed in the Event 1088

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