Event ID - 1004

Event Id1004
Descriptionservice name failed to start.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:

An error occurred in the initialization of Microsoft Exchange System Attendant service (MAD). The Error Code in the Event ID will usually reveal the reason why the SA is unable to start. This event might also be accompanied by Events 2064, 2072, etc.
1. Global Catalog Server cannot be contacted. (Investigate why this is so.)
2. The name of the Windows 2000 Server running Exchange has been changed.
3. Kerberos Key Distribution Center (KDC) service may have been disabled.
4. The Manage Auditing and Security Logs permission for the Exchange Enterprise Servers group may be missing.
User Action :
1. Ensure that the GC can be contacted. This is more of a networking issue and might involve enabling/changing firewall ports, and so on.
2. Change the name of the Windows 2000 machine to reflect what is in Active Directory.
3. Start the KDC Service and set it to Automatic Startup.
4. Run SETUP/DOMAINPREP to assign the Manage Auditing and Security Logs permission to the Exchange Enterprise Servers Group.
Reference Linksservice name failed to start

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