Event ID - 1003

Event Id1003
DescriptionCannot register the URL prefix: http://ipaddress:80/EnterpriseVaultPublic/CNF:<GUID>/ for site 100.
The URL may be invalid. The site has been deactivated. The data
000: 57 00 07 80
Event InformationAccording To Veritas:"
Root Cause:
It was determined that the Enterprise Vault OWA Back End Extensions was installed and configured to Node 2 while it was inactive to the cluster.

1. Fail over the cluster back to the node that is working.
2. Use Add/Remove programs to remove the Enterprise Vault OWA Back End Extensions on the inactive node (in this case, Node 2).
3. Reboot the inactive node.
4. Delete the Enterprise Vault program path on the inactive node.
5. Delete the Enterprise Vault virtual directories in IIS on the inactive node.
6. Fail over the cluster so that this inactive node becomes active. Verify that all Exchange resources including "Exchange HTTP Virtual Server Instance 100" comes online.
7. Install and configure the Enterprise Vault OWA Back End Extensions while the node is the active node.
8. Perform test fail overs back and forth to verify that all Exchange resources come online.
Reference LinksAfter installing the Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) Back End extensions to both cluster nodes running Microsoft Exchange 2003 server with SP2, the cluster resource "Exchange HTTP Virtual Server Instance 100" fails to come online when failing over from node 1 to node 2.

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