Event ID - 10016

Event Id10016
DescriptionInvalid NT account mode NO specified in the control file.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This issue occurs when you migrate users who already have existing Microsoft Windows user accounts in Active Directory.
This issue may occur if the NTAccounts parameter in the control file is set to NO. You cannot use the NO option for the NTAccounts parameter in Exchange 2000 Server because this configuration is not supported.
To resolve this issue, if all the users who you want to migrate already have existing Windows user accounts:
1. Edit the Lotus Notes proxy address of the user in Active Directory to use the same address as the user in Lotus Notes.
2. Remove the NTAccounts parameter from the control file.
3. Run Mailmig.exe with /c switch and the control file.
Reference LinksInvalid NT Account Mode When You Use Mailmig.exe to Migrate From Lotus Notes to Exchange 2000 Server

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