Event ID - 10003

Event Id10003
SourceMicrosoft Internet Information Services 5.0
DescriptionThe local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. The following information is part of the event: CReportSyncTask::ExecTask, 595, Report Sync failed: Error - unable to fetch http://localhost/AppAnalyzer_Reports/ReportTemplateCtrl.aspx?UniqueID=66_1844&DrillDownReport=true.
Event InformationAccording to NetIQ :

The Microsoft Internet Information Server credentials passed to Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft Analysis Services do not have sufficient permissions to retrieve data for the scheduled report. Scheduled AppAnalyzer reports require a localhost lookup to generate the report URL.

The following steps will resolve the issue.
Verify directory security permssion in Internet Information Services Manager

1.Go to Start | Programs | Administrative Tools | Internet Services Manager.
2.Expand the Default Web Site container and select the AppAnalyzer_Reports virtual directory.
3.Right-click on the AppAnalyzer_Reports virtual directory and select Properties.
4.In the AppAnalyzer_Reports Properties window, select the Directory Security tab.
5.Click Edit under Anonymous Access and Authentication Control.
6.Check Anonymous Access and Integrated Windows Authentication.
7.Click Edit for Anonymous Access.
8.In the Anonymous User Account window, please make sure the Report User account created during setup is the anonymous account. If a Report User was not created prior to the installation, then this will be the default IUSR_COMPUTERNAME account, which has insufficient priviledges to gather data from the AppAnalyzer database.
9.Click OK to all open dialog windows and close the Internet Services Manager.
10.Restart the World Wide Web publishing service via the Services section of the Windows Control Panel.
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