Event ID - 10000

Event Id10000
DescriptionMDBEF parsing failed in Rich text information.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
A message containing an invalid address is being submitted to the message transfer agent (MTA) by the MSMI. The MTA returns an error, so the MSMI refreshes the submitting thread (possibly submitting the same message again). This cycle can block the inbound processing thread.
No workaround exists. However, stopping and restarting the MSExchangeMTA and MSExchangeMSMI services typically allows some inbound processing to continue until the bad message is submitted once again (event log will start logging the above listed sequence).
On multiprocessor computers, there can be additional inbound processing threads, therefore until all inbound threads become blocked, some inbound processing can continue.
Reference LinksXFOR: MSMI Stops Processing When Submitting Bad Address

XFOR: MS Mail Connector Interchange Rejects Outlook Msgs

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