Event ID - 4199

Event Id4199
DescriptionThe system detected an address conflict for IP address "IP address" with the system having network hardware address "media access control address." Network operations on this system may be disrupted as a result.
Event Information According to Microsoft :
Resolution : Assign a different static IP address
If your IP address is statically assigned and does not originate from a DHCP server, change the IP address assigned to the network interface so that it does not duplicate another IP address on the network.
To perform this procedure, you must have membership in Administrators , or you must have been delegated the appropriate authority.
To change the static IP address:.
1. Click Control Panel , doubl-click Network and Sharing Center , and then click Manage network connections .
2.Right-click the network interface you want to update, and then click Properties .
3.Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) , click Properties , and then type a different IP address in IP Address . Verify :
To verify that an IP address is assigned:
1.At the DHCP-enabled client computer, click Start , click Run , and then type cmd .
2.Type ipconfig /all to view lease-status information.
3.The output of the ipconfig command should show an IPv4 or IPv6 address marked "preferred."
CAUSE: Another system on the network may be using one of the addresses configured on this computer.
RESOLUTION 1: Resolve the IP address conflict. Check network adapter configuration and any IP address resources defined within the cluster.

Resolution 2.
To resolve the problem, you must locate the duplicate MAC address and either replace the NIC or fix your LAA setting:
1. Log on to a working TCP/IP client.
2. Open a CMD prompt and type ping x.x.x.x.
3. Type ARP -a x.x.x.x. You should receive:
Internet Address Physical Address
x.x.x.x xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx <-- matches the event log entry
5. Type NBTSTAT -A x.x.x.x where -A is case sensitive.
Media access control address = xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx
6. If you receive HOST NOT FOUND, the duplicate is NOT NetBIOS enabled, like a Jet Direct Printer, Router, Unix box, or Novell server.
7. After replacing the NIC or fixing LAA, restart.
Reference LinksEvent ID 4119 and 4311

How do I troubleshoot events 4198 and 4199? 12-Oct-01

Event ID 4199 from Source tcpip

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