Event ID - 14141

Event Id14141
SourceMicrosoft Web Proxy
DescriptionISA Server detected a proxy chain loop. There is a problem with the configuration of the ISA Server routing policy.
Event InformationAccording to Microsoft:
This behavior can occur because the external network adapter references an Internet service provider (ISP) Domain Name System (DNS) server and the binding order on ISA Server lists the external network adapter first. When the publishing server is redirected by a Fully Qualified Name and the zone of the server matches the zone located on the external DNS server, the external DNS server is used to resolve the name. The external DNS server redirects the traffic back to the external network adapter on ISA Server. Each time the traffic arrives at ISA Server, an "HTTP Via" record is added to the packet. When two of these records exist, ISA Server returns the 12206 error message.
To resolve this behavior, remove the external DNS server address from the external network adapter, and then change the binding order on ISA Server so that the internal network adapter is listed first:
1. Click Network and Dial-Up connections.
2. On the Advanced menu, click Advanced Settings to display the binding order.
3. Click the internal network adapter, and then move it to the top. The internal DNS is used to resolve the server name so that redirection works properly.
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