Event ID - 5719

Event Id5719
DescriptionNo Windows NT or Windows 2000 Domain Controller is available for domain %1. The following error occurred: %2
Event InformationCause:1. (Win2000)
One possible cause of this error is that you have run out of buffer space in the NetBT datagram buffer.
To resolve this problem, increase the MaxDgramBuffering value from 128 KB to 256 KB- See MS article "Netlogon Logs Event ID 5719 on a Domain Controller"

Cause:2. (WinNT)
This behavior can occur when your server is connected to a switch that has the spanning tree portfast setting disabled.
To work around this behavior, enable the spanning tree portfast setting on the switch. For information about the proper use of the spanning tree portfast setting, consult the documentation provided with the switch.

3. (WinNT)
This behavior can occur when the WINS Client (TCP/IP) protocol is bound to the internal network adapter. This adapter is only for clustering.
To resolve this behavior, disable the binding between the WINS Client (TCP/IP) protocol and the internal network adapter.

This error also observed in a situation of orphaned child domain information present in Active Directory. Orphaned child domain may be due to force removal of any of the child DCs by using Dcpromo/forceremoval. Do metadatabase cleanup procedure using Ntdsutil will resolve this issue. Following MS articles in more information section..
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