Event Id4653
DescriptionAn IPsec Main Mode negotiation failed.

Local Endpoint:
    Principal Name: %1
    Network Address: %9
    Keying Module Port: %10
Local Certificate:
    SHA Thumbprint: %2
    Issuing CA: %3
    Root CA: %4
Remote Endpoint:
    Principal Name: %5
    Network Address: %11
    Keying Module Port: %12
Remote Certificate:
    SHA thumbprint: %6
    Issuing CA: %7
    Root CA: %8
Additional Information:
    Keying Module Name: %13
    Authentication Method: %16
    Role: %18
    Impersonation State: %19
    Main Mode Filter ID: %20
Failure Information:
    Failure Point: %14
    Failure Reason: %15
    State: %17
    Initiator Cookie: %21
    Responder Cookie: %22
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