Event ID - 11720

Event Id11720
DescriptionProduct: Enterprise Instrumentation -- Error 1720. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A script required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor. Custom action IsDotNetInstalled script error -2146827859, Microsoft JScript runtime error: Automation server cant create object Line 1, Column 1,
Event InformationThis information from some newsgroups may help you:
I. Collection install logs
1. Go start menu Run ,open cmd prompt.
2. Change to the directory containing EnterpriseInstrumentation.exe - if it is in C:\Documents and Settings\myTempDir you would type:cd /d C:\Documents and Settings\myTempDir
3. Execute the MSI install with the full logging enabled EnterpriseInstrumentation.exe /c:msiexec.exe /q /l*v %temp%\EnterpriseInstrumentati­onMSI.log /i enterpriseinstrumentation.msi
4. Complete the install (or see it fail)
5. Change to the %temp% directory cd /d %temp%
6. Look for the following files and please attach them to a reply.Possible filenames are:
II. Collect versions of scrrun.dll
III. Check that WMI is running and set to start Automatic.
IV. Check whether StdRegProv is accessible
1. Start, Run, Wbemtest
2. Click on Connect (twice)
3. Click on Open Instance and give StdRegProv for the object path
V. Check if other namespace is working fine and
1. Start, Run, Wbemtest
2. Click on Connect
3. Type root\cimv2 instead of root\default and Connect
4. Click on Enumerate Instances
5. Type Win32_Process and click ok.
Reference LinksUnderstanding MSI Installation Logs

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